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Delegates of MIS at The First Science and Technology forum

On 27th November, lecturers and students of Management Information System faculty and Scientific Research Club of Banking Academy participated in The Science and Technology forum at Hoa Lac Hi-tech Service Centre.

Attending the premiere of forum, there are Mr Nguyen Trung Quynh - the Vice Chairman of Hoa Lac High-Tech Park Administration; Dr Pham Hong Quat - Director of market development and science and technology enterprises; Mr Nguyen Lam Thanh - Director of Science and Technology - Hoa Lac High-Tech Park Management Board; Mr Nguyen Ninh Hong Quang - Deputy Director of Central Services, Ms. Thach Le Anh - CEO of VSV, lecturers and students of the Scientific research club in several famous universities such as FPT University, Banking Academy, Post and Telecommunications Academy, Hanoi university of science and technology, Thai Nguyen University of Industrial Engineering, Thai nguyen University of technology.


Attendees at the 1st science and technology platform

In the opening section, Mr Nguyen Trung Quynh, Mr Nguyen Lam Thanh and Ms Thach Le Anh present their experiences and give some advices in order to attract students in research and create and develop new business in the future. Hoa Lac High-Tech Park has established the Office of technology transfer which creates the information resource for students and young scientists. By approaching these precious information resources they can do their experiments and evaluate their new ideas. Students can find a believable address for co-operation and pursue their technological passions.

The most interesting section of this program is the presentation of invention and researches of students from universities. They are “Two wheels auto-balanced electric bicycle” of students from Thai Nguyen University of Industry and Engineering; “Smart guiding device for blind people” of Thai Nguyen University of Technology; Robot show of FPT University; LED model of Post and Communication Academy.

Launching the Contact committee of forum is the ending part of program. It is the bridge for


Contact committee of forum

Representative of MIS – Banking Academy of Vietnam (Mr. Vu Trong Sinh, second member from the right)

After program, attendees visit Hoa Lac High-Tech Park and FPT Software Company – a leading software company of Vietnam. FPT has many experiences in the creation and implementation new large scale business models with the core business are information technology and intercommunication. After visiting Hoa Lac High-Tech Park, students can have an opportunity to approach the real environment and can be oriented about their future jobs apart from sharing knowledge, skills and job opportunities with others.

At the end of travel, students of MIS (Banking Academy) visit FPT University with interesting experiences and profound impressions. Not only do they have chance to visit the main building with dragon shape, modern library with huge number of books, but they also participate several team building activities with students of FPT University. They really create a profound impression with the dynamism, friendliness, cheerfulness and enthusiasm.

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