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Congratulations to the success of Vietin Bank EDW Project

EDW project aims to adopt Information Technology in analyzing and processing business data in order to provide reports on Vietin Bank activities in the past and present, as well as future predictions to improve business performances and generate profit for the bank. The project is fully applied project management process to control progress and quality. The project was implemented first version in December 2015 for Loan & CIF modules with 60 new reports.

A well-deployed system should include high-quality staff to effectively operate. EDW project team has been trained through various methods: self-studying, cross training between different departments, engaging in real project with foreign experts. Vietin Bank also links with many universities in conducting researches in Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and training students for potential recruitment.

Cooperating with Vietin Bank for a long time in education activities, Dr. Phan Thanh Duc - Dean of Management Information System (MIS) faculty, Banking Academy, said: "We put a lot of expectations in the cooperation with VietinBank in developing research activities and applications in MIS field at the bank. Congratulations to the success of EDW project and wished the project will increasingly contribute many achievements for the development of VietinBank.

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