The Banking Academy of Vietnam is expanding into new areas to respond to an increasing demand for high quality human resources in the field of Finance and Banking and for the society as a whole. Management Information Systems (MIS), which is one of the newest faculties in Banking Academy of Vietnam, is responsible for training and research activities in the field of economic information systems. We also cooperate with organizations and enterprises in developing courses, scientific research programmes or information technology application projects in economics, finance and banking, accounting and business administration areas. Currently we are focusing on training in two main specialized areas: Banking information systems and Enterprise information systems.

Students graduating from MIS faculty are given Bachelor Degree in Management Information Systems. Studying in MIS faculty, students are equipped with essential knowledge and skills about information technology applications and management information systems in banks, enterprises and other organizations. MIS graduates are expected to have the ability to analyze, design, implement information systems as well as take leading role in policy building and IT implementation in their organizations.

With 21 proactive and enthusiastic lecturers researching and teaching more than 20 specialized subjects, we train over 600 students in Management Information Systems faculty every year. Our faculty is also responsible for teaching subjects related to informatics and IT applications in business and management.