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The course of Management Information System in Banking Academy of Vietnam provides three internship modules during the learning process. Internships are short periods of professional experience which give students a taste of “working in the reality” as well as help them make industry contacts.

The 1st internship in the fourth semester

This 16-week-internship aims to enhance students’ programing skills and solving technical problems. During the internship, a student will take part in an individual project supervised by a lecturer. The expected outcome is to build a technological solution to solve a particular issue of an organisation, applying a number of technical tools such as C, C++, C#.NET and SQL Server.

The 2nd internship in the sixth semester

Thorough the internship, a group of three students will participate in a practical information system development project for their selected organisation with a support from a lecturer. The team will conduct different phases in the project including setting up project plan, business analysis, eliciting user requirments, analysing & designing a new software system and building its prototype. This process help students to deeply understand theories of IS development as well as enrich their personal skills such as teamwork, listening and communication skills.

The last internship in the final semester

The final internship plays an important role in the learning progress of students. They can either apply for paid internship programmes or take part in unpaid/part-time jobs in banks and enterprises. It is an opportunity for students to approach profesional working environment and apply all of what they have acquired in the MIS course into the reality. Students are required to submit a report after finishing the internship.

Top performed students will have a chance to write thesis reporting their research project. They are free to select any IS-related domain for their research such as web development, data mining, business analytics, banking technologies, and business analysis.

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